Concrete Contractor: Tips on How to Maintain Concrete Surfaces

Sturdy Concretes!

Despite common opinions, polished concrete surfaces do require maintenance. With routine cleaning, your concrete surfaces will remain spotless and stunning for many years to come. A skilled concrete contractor offers the following significant tips for maintaining concrete surfaces:


You should use a microfiber cloth pad to dust mop your concrete surfaces every day to prevent surface damage. The concrete surface might be harmed if rough or filthy pads are utilized. When dusting concrete, keep anything that might etch or harm concrete at a distance. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned since any visible dirt or debris left behind runs the risk of scouring the surface and harming the finish.

Wet Cleaning

Water and a mop can be used often to clean polished concrete surfaces. Use neutral cleaners if you really must clean the concrete to prevent damage. The surface coatings of polished concrete can be damaged by cleaning solutions with an unbalanced pH because they are either excessively alkaline or too acidic. On polished concrete, harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods don’t appear to work. In heavily used areas that need a thorough cleaning, an automatic floor scrubber with a new, non-abrasive pad should be utilized. Stains must be removed, and spills must be cleaned up, with neutralized cleaners.

Professional Upkeep Solutions

The polished concrete surfaces may require expert cleaning if ordinary washing doesn’t seem to be restoring their luster. This is the case if there are stains on your flooring or areas where liquid has been spilled and the surface has since been etched. There is an urgent need to look at rehabilitation options. Concrete experts use water-based floor stripping solutions to remove dirt and debris off polished concrete floors as the first step in restoring the concrete’s former brilliance.

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